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Los switches de Cisco (switches de red) ofrecen rendimiento y seguridad. Los switches de Cisco son escalables y rentables; además, satisfacen las . En cachéLos switches de Cisco (switches de red) proporcionan rendimiento y seguridad.

Los switches de Cisco son escalables y económicos y satisfacen las . En cachéSimilaresTraducir esta páginaCisco switches (network switches) deliver performance and security. Cisco switches are scalable and cost-efficient and meet the need for any size of business. Cisco has a comprehensive portfolio of network switches and switching solutions for enterprise networks, data centers and small businesses.

Cisco core and distribution switches are scalable, secure network switches with exceptional intelligence. Learn more about Catalyst switch models. Get an enterprise-class access switch at a great price. Cisco 2960-X Series are stackable Gigabit Ethernet Layer and Layer access switches.

Branch Switches Data Center Switches. Quickly identify the right Cisco switch for your needs—whether you’re acquiring a . Industrial Ethernet switches can withstand extreme environments while adhering to industrial network design, compliance, and performance requirements. The Cisco Catalyst 35Series are next-generation, energy-efficient, Layer Fast Ethernet switches that are ideal access layer switches for enterprise, retail, . Blade switches from Cisco provide a virtualized data center infrastructure that can lower costs and improve productivity.