Join the community of over million runners who make every run amazing with Runkeeper. Track your workouts and reach your fitness goals! En cachéSimilaresÚnete a los más de millones que usan Runkeeper para hacer que su teléfono se convierta en un entrenador personal en su bolsillo! Runkeeper is a GPS fitness-tracking app for iOS and Android with over million users.

First launched in 20by CEO Jason Jacobs with the help of . Developer(s)‎: ‎FitnessKeeperSize‎: ‎Varies with deviceStable release‎: ‎4. Operating system‎: ‎Android‎, ‎iOSRunKeeper 7.

Android › Estilo de vida › DeporteEn cachéSimilaresRunKeeper es una aplicación orientada a deportistas, que les dará la posibilidad de ver las estadísticas detalladas de su ritmo, distancia y tiempo cada vez que . RunKeeper has been around for a long time. In fact, the app originally debuted way back in 2008. I first used it in 20when I started running . RunKeeper última versión: Registra rutas, distancias y tiempos de tus sesiones de entrenamiento. Click on the appropriate icon below for a . It was one of the first 2apps to launch in theapp store in 20and we’ve since attracted a passionate community of millions of RunKeeper users .